Presented at m-ICTE2006 in Sevilla, Spain

The title: A system for Learning Ecology with 3D graphics and Local Materials Database

Royal palace in Madrid

The man of La Mancha (At Spain square)

Building of post office in center of Madrid

Entrance of Museo del Prado. Famous arts of Goya, Velasquez and Rubens.

The symbolic bronze of downtoun Sol is bear that eats mountain peech.

Toledo is a fort city that is a world heritage.

m-ICTE international conference at Sevilla University in Sevilla.

Presantation at Large hall

Presentation at middle hall

Scene of poster session

My presantation poster

Catedral is a world heritage

Urban of Sevilla from La Giralda tower of the shrine

Urban of Sevilla

There are many stained glasses in big shrine.