Business in United State of America (No.1)

ąŁ We visited USA from 29 September to 13 October, 1991.
We stayed in New York, Washington DC., Boston, Dalas and Phenix to investigate new technology.This is the record to visit New York, Washington DC. and Boston.

I cold see the Typhoon sky of Pacific Ocean. It was the scene we could seldom watch. A scene from Central Park in New York
Buildings spotted by morning light
I walked around Broadway at night.
We could see Tiffany that was gorgeous.
We visited the Capitalin Washington DC..
We could enter the step of entrance.
Whitehouse was smaller than I imagined.
This is a photo with our examiners
Washington monument from Licoln memorial hall.
There was bronz of Lincorn, and famous sentenses were recorded.
I visited Smithsonian Museum.
This is Apollo No.2 of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Space Museum.
I could see the airplane "The Spirit of St. Louis".
And I could see the Wright Flyer that was made by Wright Brothers.
We visited Behaiv Hewristic Co. in Maryland University.
The campus was very wide.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology across Charles River
Symbolic structure of Massachusetts Institute of Technology
I felt that security in the canpus was severe.
Marble building of MIT
Copley Praza in the center of Boston
Boston is oldest city in USA, so there are many Europian structures.
Boston Common Park in the center of city was very wide.
Many squirrel were running about.
There were Europian style structure in residantial area.
Cars were parking systematically.
We visited ONTOS Co. in Burlington near Canada.
Demonstlation of object oriented database made in Sun Sparc Co.