Business in United State of America (No.2)

ąŁ We visited USA from 20 September to 13 October in 1991.
We visited New York, Washington DC., Boston, Dallas and Phenix.
This is the report abour Dallas and Phenix.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport was the largest airport in the world. This airport was famous for the stage of movie "Die Hard". I saw downtown of Dallas from the hotel pass across the high way and housing development.
Texas State was very wide.
The Texas Schoolbook Depository was famous for President Kennedy snipe affair.
There was bronz map to explain about it.
Kennedy Memorial to admire his work
I visited NEC America in Dallas.
Thre was no sidewalk in the street, so it was dangerous for walker.
We ate the stake in Trail Dast.
Stake priced 30 doller for 36 ounce, since it was too cheap.
We ate with big potatoes. Texas state was home of beef.
Phenix was the captal of Arizona State.
It was modern city enclosed by desert.
Hyatt Regency Phenix I stayed was rich hotel.
The pool of the hotel
I used sometimes because it was very hot like 40 temperature.
From the hotel I saw Cibic Plaza of Phenix took place the international conference.
We studied about Object Oriented development methods such as OMT, Booch method and Coad/Yourdon method.
Desk of OOPSLA'91 Ballroom of OOPSLA'91. About 2000 peaple gathered in this room.
Display of object oriented software Display of Hewlett Packard Co.
Arizona Center we cold do shopping
The steam was useful to cool hot about 40 centigrade.
The next area of Arizona State was Mexico.
It was the banquet of mexican style cooking and mexican music.
We went to Grand Canyon using the cessna.
Small airplane danced like a leaf of tree.
Cockpit was near us.