The report of stay in New Zealand

I visited Auckland and Wintec in Hamilton.
I presented at International Conference in Auckland. I stayed at Wintec with my ten students.
These photos were records of my stay in New Zealand.

I visited Auckland at first.
I presented at eFest2008 international conference.
About three handred people joined for eFest2008.
I presented about "Development and Evaluation of e-Learning used three-dimensional graphics and mobile terminals".
I demonstrated accessing to my room's server in Japan.
My presentation
All auditers attended my presentation.
This was Hub that was the central building of Wintec
Liblary had many books and CDs through two floors.
My desk in Wintec
Internet was very useful for me.
A scene of e-Learning
The teacher checked students of Wintec
and foreigners of Austlaria and Canada.
I visited Business Department.
Addministration was base of reserch for business , public office and university.
This was the video to introduce pasture management system.
This sytem managed sheep and cattle when they walked through the gate using IC tags.
The gate was controled by PDA or mobile phone.
I presented mini eFest in Wintec.
I presented about 45minutes.
Listners of mini eFest
Waikato river ran beside Wintec
This river was longest and biggest in New Zealand.
The water quality was gradually not so good.
Population of Hamilton was about 130 thouthand, and city hall was near Wintec.
Hamilton Lake was relaxation place for citizens.
Many people walked and jogged here.
Thre were many birds named Pukeko that were represent on New Zealand.
Hotel Venture Swites I stayed longtime
With my students to learn English in Wintec
They ware pleasant all times.
I came back with ten students.

Early morning of Christchurch
River Avon ran in the Christchurch
Bronz of Scot who was explored the Sourh Pole
Church square at night
Church at night was beautiful in light.
Church of night from the window of Camelot Hotel Cathedral Square