The report visited in Berlin

This is the report of business trip to Berlin in 1978. My work was TV-Radio show at the international exibit center. There was still Wall of Berlin,so We could not visit East Berlin. Philharmonia of Karajan I herd the concert was near Wall of Berlin. West Berlin was flourish, and busy around KU'DAMM street.

Urbantours Street

Kaiser-Wilhelm Church was the symbol of the second world war.

Livertl shopping window of KU'DAMM street in Berlin.

Brandenburger Tor which was the symbol of Berlin

Siegessaeule was the important point of traffic.

Street 17 June was wide and went through Tiergarten Park.

Schloss Charlottenburg was famous tourist attraction of Berlin.

Private houses in Berlin had flowers at the window and planted picea abies.

Lake Grunewaldturm was in Grunewald Park that was very wide.

TV-Radio Show in Berlin (No.1)

TV-Radio Show in Berlin (No.2)

TV-Radio Show in Berlin (No.3)

We developed Videotext system first time in the world.
I was a presenter of Videotext at TV-Radio Show in Berlin.

After TV-Radio Show in Berlin, we visited England Matsushita Co. Ltd. in England to talk about production of Videotext.

At England Matsushita Co. Ltd. in England

At Piccadilly Circus in London

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

At Buckingham Palace